The G.U.T. Method®: Secrets Beyond Your Plate For A Healthier, More Energetic Life

You are the expert destined for mastery over your wellbeing!

When was the last time you felt fantastic inside and out, empowered by your own choices? In spite of modern stresses, you can learn how to read the signs that your body is sending, make better selections in time, relationships and the food and drink you consume without feeling guilty or desperate, and optimize your wellbeing.

In her book which discusses a step by step gut method process, unapologetic healthcare disruptor Sharon Holand Gelfand lays out an exclusive formula for connecting to what your body is saying and getting to the root of symptoms, understanding the connection and what it means for you and your lifestyle, and taking action, trusting yourself and transforming your life. The secrets on your plate are limitless, but why should you be?

Secret #1: This book includes easy, quick activities to get to the heart of what your body may be experiencing on any given day.
Secret #2: Food choices can (and should) be flexible—which means you never have to feel guilt or shame again.
Secret #3: In this empowering self-care model (complete with writing prompts and journaling space), humor and health go hand in hand.

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