Sharon supported me in recognizing small, simple changes I could make to my day that would have a big impact on my energy level. I have been incorporating small and nutrient rich snacks in a way that works in my lifestyle as a mom-prenuer. Knowing what to do is one thing, but having someone I trust to review my eating habits and my lifestyle and champion some new patterns makes a big difference in my ability to implement them!

– Laura T.
Life coach and mompreneur, NY

The first thing that I noticed was that I was never hungry. After about the third day, my body felt more efficient, less inflamed and some of the aches and pains that I had were considerably diminished! I didn’t feel like I was dieting and I became so aware of some of my habits! Once I made shifts, the rest fell into place. The best part…I fit into a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to wear for a year! And my 23 year old babysitter walked in as my husband and I were leaving to go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed “WOW! You look amazing!” Enough said!

– Sarah M.
Music teacher, NY

Thanks so much, Sharon! I officially finished the 30 day program but I’m keeping it up on my own. I’ve always been health conscious, but never removed the “bad stuff” from my diet. Now I’m strictly gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free. I feel so much better; I’m less bloated, I sleep so much better (amazing for a mom of 3) and I just feel healthier.

– Sarah G.
Pilates studio owner, NY

Sharon helped me change my lifestyle and taught me how to make simple changes to my ‘diet’. After months and months of suffering from stomach issues, I can finally live and eat worry free. I have never felt better!

– Megan C.

“She changed my life”

michael curry I started with Sharon because I was struggling for almost 2 years with finding ways to eat correctly. I have food intolerances and also struggled with portion control. I would get a variety of bad reactions ranging from stomach aches, bloating, headaches, itchiness, irritability, and more, and it kept getting worse. Sharon helped me get to the root of what was going on with my stomach – she changed my life. I feel better, I can do more and have more fun doing what I enjoy. I do not have to sit or lay down and wait for a bad food reaction to pass. I have that time back now. I am about 6’2 and when I started with Sharon, I weighed around 243 pounds. I had been gaining weight slowly for the 14 months leading up to working with Sharon. In about 3 months I dropped down to around 216 pounds (and I was not exercising frequently during this time). The weight is still coming off and I’m eating more! I am back to where I was as a college athlete, swimming multiple times per day. It is now easier for me to exercise and I look forward to getting into even better shape in the future.

– Michael C.
Pittsburgh, PA.

“…incredibly gifted nutritionist…”

“A few years ago, my immune system was so weak that I was practically always sick with something. A high stress work environment was my norm and I often felt extremely fatigued, lightheaded, and depressed. Endless appointments with doctors and specialists led me to be diagnosed with narcolepsy and chronic insomnia. It wasn’t long before it seemed as though my life was controlled by medications. After going through a painful trial and error with many different prescriptions and side effects, I settled on taking Concerta to stay awake and Ambien to fall asleep. Just as I felt there was nothing to do but give up on finding the cause of all my health issues, I was blessed with Sharon!! Just a few short weeks later, I was already feeling more energetic, stronger, and happier than I had in years. Sharon led me to a major “aha” moment when she tied many of my illnesses back to the years of constant stress I was under and explained how the medications I was taking were effecting my immune system and my hormones. By analyzing all of my symptoms holistically, she not only uncovered the underlying imbalances but taught me how to bring myself back into balance. Sharon is an incredibly gifted nutritionist and I cannot thank her enough for giving me my life back!”

– Christina B. New York
Client Services

“…I Was Leaner, Fitter And More Productive…”

“I was training for a competition and needed to lose weight. My personal trainer was concerned that by losing weight, I’d lose strength and muscle mass. He recommended I work with Sharon. As a busy fully time lawyer, I had no time to think about food, let alone prepare meals, so I needed food that was easy to order and have delivered to the office. Summer was also approaching and I always gained weight in the summer from going out to dinner all the time and having a few drinks with my buddies. After looking at my food journal, Sharon showed me how to shift my choices to healthier ones and also how to look at menus to order healthier options. She went to the supermarket with me and taught me how to read labels and what to look for and what to stay away from. I still continued to go out to eat, but learned how to balance the other meals so I could enjoy myself. In three months, I lost approximately 30 pounds and had more energy than I could remember! I was leaner, fitter and even more productive at work. I never imagined that I could actually eat more and lose weight and feel great.”

– Robert, New York

“…I feel AMAZING!…”

“This program teaches how to eat for life. I thought it was just another diet , but it’s not. I did it to feel better, not to lose weight. Incredibly, I feel AMAZING! I breathe better and more clearly. I have more energy, especially at the end of a long grueling day. I feel stronger (push-ups?). I am so much less sore , and I exercise regularly. And…. I lost 7-8 pounds. Sharon Holand Gelfand leads a group on FB every month and gives daily tips and inspiration. This is necessary if you’re looking for a positive change! I feel GREAT! Thank you!”

– Neil B,
New York

“…more energy, [and] the bloating was gone…”

“I didn’t need to lose weight. I’ve always been thin, but as I was getting older, I found myself having less and less energy. I was also easily agitated and constantly bloated! After working with Sharon, I learned that it was the types of foods that I was eating…or should I say, the claims on the boxes that I was buying. After just a few small changes, I not only had more energy, but the bloating was gone and my husband even remarked on how much more peaceful I was!”

– Michele, New York