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Sharon has made it her mission to change how we define health and wellness when it comes to stress and productivity. Sharon presents engaging, simple and practical advice on how to adopt healthy habits into your daily life. She does this with a splash of humor designed to motivate and empower participants to achieve their health and performance goals.

Sample topics

  • How Your Gut Affects Your Immune System
  • Connection Between Gut and Mood
  • Nutrition and The Matrix: What you and Keanu Reeves have in common
  • Mind / Body Connection
  • Detoxification: Going Beyond The Gut
  • Tired and Wired: How stress and lack of sleep affects your body, productivity and relationships

Client Successes

“Sharon provided our Realtors with an exciting and informative presentation on Better Nutrition for Better Productivity and Profits. She discussed how what you eat really does make a difference in your work performance and offered some quick and easy tips on healthy eating and snacking for Realtors on the go. This was one of our most well-attended events and our members gave us great feedback.” – Mary Prenon, Director of Communications, HGAR

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