When things are important to us,
we make time for them.

While we ALL think about the food that we put in our bodies, few of us think about what we put on our skin.

Pictured is a close up of the back of a couple holding hands. The sidewalk they are walking down is blurry in the background and they are cropped out of the image at the waist at the top of the image and the thigh at the bottom of the image.

When it comes to the facts, they’re pretty shocking.

For example, did you know that what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream 10x faster than what you eat?

Or that, by the time a girl becomes a teenager, she typically has a dozen or more toxins in her system from cosmetics alone?

And the worst of it is, we’ve been lulled into this false sense of security, believing that if we pay more, we’ll get a better quality product. Or if a product is dermatologist-, pediatrician-, or ophthalmologist recommended, it’s safe for us to use.

That’s simply not true.

That’s why I recommend:

Arbonne International

Not least because they contain:

Petroleum-based ingredients
Mineral oil
Artificial dyes or fragrances
Gluten, dairy or soy

They’re completely VEGAN and PETA certified (no animal by-products or animal testing)

They’re hypoallergenic and pediatrician, ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested (not just “recommended”)
They combine the best of nature with the safest of science—creating products that ACTUALLY work

Why not invest in what you put IN and On your body?

Food for thought
(Yes, the pun was intentional)

See what I recommend here:

Arbonne International