Are You Living In The Matrix?

We have health and nutrition completely wrong! We have been trained and conditioned to count calories, get 8 hours of sleep and expect our bodies to fall apart as we age…You have a choice…

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Taking Control of Your Health

In this episode, we discuss:

-How stress impacts our physiology and the first warning signs of being overstressed

-The vitamins and minerals that most people are deficient in

-Food and supplements to incorporate into your diet to combat stress

-How to heal your gut with fermented foods

-And so much more!

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(Duration: 32:21 — 45.3MB)

F#%K Fad Diets with Dr. Josh Handt

In this episode, we discuss:

-Are you eating advertisements?

-What to focus on

-Tips for eating on the go

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What is Your Gut Telling You?

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or low on energy, then this episode is perfect for you. There is hope!!! Tune in to episode 16 and find out how to be healthy, vibrant and filled with energy. Stop playing the guessing game and give yourself a chance to listen to your body to discover what it’s telling you. Give yourself the chance to feel well again!

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(Duration: 33 minutes)

Is Your Gut Taking Over Your Brain?

Tune in to Episode 103 on Warrior Women With A Purpose

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Healing the Body to create AWAKENINGS and grow your INTUITION

Watch Sharon and Laura (aka The Happiness Coach) discuss how important food and healing are in helping you tap in to your intuition.

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(Duration: 45:56)

Health is Wealth

Listen in to this episode of Women Inspired where you will hear:

– What those aches and pains are telling you
– Why we’re really tired all the time and steps to take for more energy
– How to listen to what your body really needs to be healthy
– How our gut is taking over our brain
– Signs of Autoimmune disease to look out for

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Your Gut is Your Second Brain
How to Listen to it and Trust it

In this episode, we discuss:

-Tips on how to de-stress

-How to tune in to your body

-Tips to get started

-And so much more!

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(Duration: 24 min)

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