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How Processed Meat Can Lead To Cancer

by | Nov 5, 2015

An article recently came out in Time magazine about how processed meat can lead to cancer. Really? They’re just talking about it NOW?

“In a sweeping review released on Oct. 26, the WHO officially identified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen, meaning the quality of the evidence firmly links it to cancer. Red meats fare little better, falling into Group 2A–foods or substances that probably cause cancer–a category that includes the toxic pesticide DDT, the chemical weapon mustard gas and the insecticide malathion. (Groups 2B, 3 and 4 are foods or substances that are possibly carcinogenic, not yet classifiable as carcinogenic or probably not carcinogenic, respectively.)”

Gee, thanks for the heads up, which incidentally, nutritionists have been talking about for quite a few years and in which the NIH (national institute of Health) has done studies linking red meat and especially processed meat to cancer! Even smoked turkey (which I used to think was healthy!) and turkey bacon aren’t any better as they are also filled with nitrates.

It’s a very interesting article but I have already gotten questions about what to do now…

1. stay away from conventional meat.
2. stay away from processed meat.
3. feel like a steak once in a while? go for organic, grass fed
4. Eat a plant based diet!

Want to read more? Check out my Facebook post which has the link to the article.

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