Are You Ready:

For more energy?

For better sleep?

For less brain fog?

To get rid of harmful metals and toxins?

To feel more balanced?

It May Be Time For A Hair Analysis!

A hair mineral analysis test is a simple way to determine if you have mineral deficiencies or metal toxicity. Trace minerals are essential in countless metabolic functions. The test results can also reveal:

Blood sugar imbalance
Thyroid function
Adrenal fatigue
Metabolic rate (fast or slow)
Nervous system imbalances
Kidney and liver stress
Insulin resistance
Energy levels

And it reveals this BEFORE you may even experience symptoms!

If you have tried everything but still experience:

Trouble losing weight
Brain Fog
Stiff Joints
Numbness and Tingling
Dizzy spells that you can’t explain
Leaky Gut
Insomnia…and more, it may be time to take this at home test

How Does It Work?

1. It starts with the test.
2. Once the results are back, you will schedule a 60 minute call to review the results and a customized protocol will be designed.
3. Supplements are recommended that will replenish your body’s minerals.
4. You will receive coaching and nutrition assistance, along with meal plans and grocery lists.

What Are The Benefits?

Increased Energy
Better Focus
Improved Sleep
Pain Relief
Decreased Anxiety
…and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

People choose hair analysis because it is a great screening tool to assess what is going on in your body. It is also simple, affordable, and can be done at home.
Increased Stress
Poor Diet
Exposure To Toxic Metals From Food, Air, Water and Skin-Care / Cleaning Products
Chemical Fertilizers / Pesticides
Are you ready for more energy? To sleep better? To get rid of harmful metals and toxins? To feel more balanced?

To begin experiencing the revolutionary benefits of HTMA, START NOW

Hair Analysis, Review and Protocol

  • Price: $500.00
  • $0.00
  • American Express

What You Get:

• 1 hair analysis with Trace Elements, Inc., HTMA*
• 60 minute consult to review the results
• Direct e-mail support for 60 days from date of consult
• Meal plans and grocery lists for one month.
• Supplements are optional and not included.

*It takes approximately 3 weeks from the time you put the sample in the mail until we receive it back and are able to notify you to schedule your call.