Should You Detox Now?

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Lost 13 pounds in 5 days! Would you open that email? I did. I received it the other day from someone who sells supplements. This person offered a 5 day cleanse challenge. Basically the challenge … Read More

From Panic to Possibility

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I was in Central Park the other day reflecting on the pandemic, thinking about my adult kids, one who is in San Francisco under ‘Shelter in Place’, one who lives alone in Queens and one … Read More

Are you being judged?

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Welcome to Saturday mornings with Sharon. Every week I will upload a video or do a live chat to answer and share information about health and nutrition. I’ll offer tips, ideas, suggestions about meal planning, … Read More

Your Biggest Asset

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What is your biggest asset? If you answered yes to any of these, then you’ll be surprised when I tell you… Your biggest asset is your health! Health is a big issue for EVERYONE. From … Read More

Does Your Gut Really Talk To You?

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I was having coffee yesterday with a new colleague in my networking group (incidentally, if you are looking for a great networking group, Master Networks, a national organization is wonderful – if you want info … Read More

Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Cured or Reversed?

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I find the English language to be very interesting…and confusing at times! Just last week someone asked on FB if Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed? To me, the answer is ‘of course it can!’ … Read More

Immunity Boosting Mushroom Soup

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With winter in full gear, it’s important to make sure you feed your body with foods that will balance you and keep you healthy. One of my favorite ways to do this is through warming … Read More

Are you eating advertisements?

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You’re probably wondering what the heck I mean by that title. Well, I’m glad you asked! We are bombarded every day with over 60,000 messages! Our brains don’t have the capacity to process all of … Read More