7 Day Reset

About the 7 Day Reset:

What if you could feel better and have more energy without losing weight?
What if in one week, by just taking one simple action step, more possibilities open up for you?

Program Includes:

Weekly Recipes (vegan also!)
Desserts / muffin recipes
Snack Ideas
Shopping lists
Eating out guide
Cheat sheet
Daily coaching with me!
Exclusive online community
1 month supply of Arbonne essentials
(vegan, kosher and gluten-free certified, GMO-free, no diary, soy or artificial anything!)

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After giving birth to two kids, I never lost the weight. Didn’t think much of it. Exercised here and there but not really in to it. So when my daughter was in jr high I decided I needed to start losing weight. 165 pounds is a lot on a 4’11” frame. I started noticing knee pain, joint pain, more breathing problems. I tried so many programs and diets and nothing worked. Then I found the 30 day healthy living program. This was different. It’s not a diet but a lifestyle and I didn’t have to starve! I actually ate more than I thought I would be allowed to. And it worked!! A year later…31 pounds gone. Thank you!

– Amanda P.

Thanks so much, Sharon! I officially finished the 30 day program but I’m keeping it up on my own. I’ve always been health conscious, but never removed the “bad stuff” from my diet.

Now I’m strictly gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free. I feel so much better; I’m less bloated, I sleep so much better (amazing for a mom of 3) and I just feel healthier.

– Sarah G.
Entreprenuer / Owner
Mt. Kisco, NY

I would highly recommend connecting with Sharon. I completed the 30 day healthy living program. I learned so many simple and healthy ways to eat and stay energetic.

As an entrepreneur, I am always on the go and my biggest downfall would be at 3pm. Now, I no longer reach for that cup of tea and sweet snack! I have more energy…the benefits do show! Thank you!

– Nancy Stingone.
Entrepreneur, NY

Feeling great! I have more energy and self-confidence! I lost 11 pounds and 4 inches off my waist!

– Ave S.
New York

Pictured is a close up of the back of a couple holding hands. The sidewalk they are walking down is blurry in the background and they are cropped out of the image at the waist at the top of the image and the thigh at the bottom of the image.

“This program teaches how to eat for life. I thought it was just another diet , but it’s not. I did it to feel better, not to lose weight. Incredibly, I feel AMAZING! I breathe better and more clearly. I have more energy, especially at the end of a long grueling day. I feel stronger (push-ups?). I am so much less sore , and I exercise regularly. And…. I lost 7-8 pounds. Sharon leads a private group on FB every month and gives daily tips and inspiration. This is necessary if you’re looking for a positive change!
I feel GREAT! Thank you!””

– Neil B,
New York

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